Fact: A recent survey showed that only 6% of chiropractors consistently fill their appointment book on a regular basis. The overwhelming majority are not attracting the numbers of patients & business they need to sustain & prosper in private practice.

So what about the other 94% of you who would like to grow your chiropractic practice?

Don’t fret, that’s where we come in.

A few short months ago, I created ChiroBullets(TM). An email notification system that brings you hand-picked tips,  tactics, and strategies proven to work RIGHT NOW in actual practices, along with the hottest marketing methods, killer tools and strategies as soon as they hit the scene.

Frankly, you’ll be quite amazed with the quality of information that I dig up for you. Because we’re super-nice people, we’d like to send it to you every day – like clockwork – free of chargeBoom!

Drop your best email in the box below and we’ll rush over the first edition of ChiroBullets (TM) for chiropractors straight to your email inbox.

Who is Behind ChiroBullets(TM)

Ben Cummings is the founder of PracticeBuildingCenter.com, the world’s largest chiropractic forum and chiropractic marketing training site with over 300 training videos. It is a private membership site limited to 500 doctors total. For membership availability, click here for details.

Read Ben’s detailed Biography by clicking here.

Chiropractic Marketing Consultant - Ben Cummings

What’s the Story Behind ChiroBullets(TM)

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ChiroBullets (TM) — Media Appearance

A few short months ago, Ben launched his latest project – known as ChiroBullets(TM). ChiroBullets is the official chiropractic marketing blog of PracticeBuildingCenter.com. “Recently I created ChiroBullets,” says Ben. “ChiroBullets are a daily email notification system that deliver hand-picked chiropractic marketing tips to the inbox of chiropractors. Each ChiroBullet contains a concise marketing tip proving to be working well right now within my successful clients practices,” says Ben.

How did Ben come up with the name ChiroBullets? “In the world of writing, a bullet point is a short condensed piece of useful information. I wanted to bring this concept to chiropractic marketing,” says Ben. “In our daily ChiroBullets’, we are attempting to deliver one precise bullet of information that a chiropractor can put into action right away. Essentially we are offering short-cuts to success.”

What makes ChiroBullets.com unique? Ben Cummings asserts that ChiroBullets.com is something the profession needed desperately. “Unlike many blogs out there that seem designed to merely promote, I wanted ChiroBullets.com to be an open and free blog. We are also building a small community of like minded chiropractors there through our blog commenting platform attached to every tutorial that we post,” says Ben.

Ben plans to release 2-3 detailed articles or tutorials weekly on ChiroBullets.com. “I think chiropractors will be quite amazed with the quality of information that we dig up for them. There is no charge to subscribe to our daily ChiroBullets broadcast,” says Ben.

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(There is no cost to participate in the ChiroBullets community.)

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