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Chiropractors struggle at writing super powerful advertisements. That is why you are going to love this video and audio that I located for you to teach you how to easily write compelling and powerful chiropractic advertisements to attract patients.

A Lesson from South Beach

I am writing this from South Beach in Miami where the temperature is currently 75-degrees and the sun is shining brightly. I am on a “working vacation” for two weeks. If you haven’t been here yet, here’s a picture of my favorite South beach pool to hang out at:

My wife and I walk each morning to Whole Foods Grocery Store to drink a “Kalealicious” fresh juiced drink made with… Kale! Hey don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Super healthy and good for repairing the liver from the previous nights imbibing, ahem:) I saw this awesome billboard on our walk to Whole Foods. Take a look at what it says:

This sign says it all.

The Problem: Chiropractic Ads Are B-O-R-I-N-G.

The #1 mistake that I see DC’s making is the use of boring, stale, plain-Jane advertisements. The root problem seems to stem from an over-obsession with appearing “professional” without regard to effectiveness or responsiveness of the advertisement.

And, I believe at some unconscious level, many chiropractors are scared to run advertisements that are a little outside the norm. Ironically, it is typically the “outside the norm” type ads that return the absolute highest R.O.I.:

All this leads to: Boring & ineffective chiropractic advertisements.

The Solution: Jay Abraham’s Amazon School of Advertising

Below you will find the solution! You will learn how to write powerful advertisements from one of the best ad writers of our generation — Jay Abraham.

If you find that your chiropractic ads have no passion, no “Sizzle,” don’t stand out from the Herd, and contain nothing compelling that Commands Attention and forces them to Call You… then you will benefit greatly from this video.

Amazon School of Copywriting Video

I love this video. I have watched it numerous times and learn something new each time. In my quest to teach chiropractors how to STOP writing bad advertisements, I present this great training video from Jay Abraham. It is ten minutes long. This video teaches you a terrific ad writing method that involves using Amazon – the world’s largest online marketplace – as a way to short cut your ad writing and craft exactly the hot button and appeals that will attract the best kind of patients. Watch this video below which I found on YouTube called The Jay Abraham Amazon School of Copywriting:

You can find Jay Abraham’s website here:

Bonus: Download this Audio

I have extracted the audio from this video so that you could listen to this on your favorite MP3 player. Simply right-click on the MP3 image below and choose “save to your desktop” (or similar):

My History With Jay Abraham

I get no compensation sharing Jay’s links with you – I just happen to love Jay Abraham’s marketing materials and ideas. I bought a $2000 Jay Abraham course way back in 1992, using credit cards that I obtained in college — at the time a staggering fortune to me as a broke college student — but turned out to be the savviest investment of my life because of the influence it forever had on my thinking.

How Chiropractors Can Apply The Jay Abraham Copywriting Method

This should be a no-brainer! Actually DC’s have some of the biggest opportunities to apply Jay’s Method, because you can look at Amazon products about back pain, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, stress, back pain from pregnancy, carpal tunnel – my God, the sky is the limit. DC’s have an advantage over everyone else since the scope of products you can draw from on Amazon are so expansive. This works “awesome-ly” for chiropractors and will enable you to churn out some killer ads.

Bonus #2: Six Great Business Interviews With Jay Abraham

This is a terrific freebie that I definitely recommend downloading. Jay conducted six good business interviews which he gives away free. No optin required. PDF transcripts and MP3 downloads here. Good stuff, recommended:

Hope you liked this article on Jay Abraham’s Amazon School of Copywriting.

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