For Chiropractors Only – Daily habit that doubled practice

Want to learn what a doctor did to double his practice? This short blog post will explain what he did and why it worked.

The Daily Habit

Recently I was doing a private consultation as part of my one-on-one coaching, and this doctor said to me:

“Ben, I doubled my practice thanks to something you taught me. It is a pretty simple thing that I did.”

The bait had been set and I bit. I of course asked him how he had doubled his practice. He reply:

“I began a daily habit. My clinic is open four days per week.

I decided that for those four days, that I would wake up an extra hour early to just think about marketing.”

“Please explain,” I said. “How did this double your practice exactly?”

“I grab a warm cup of coffee and sit down at the kitchen table before anyone in the household is awake. Just me and a yellow legal pad.

I write down my monthly new patient goal. For example, I want 50 new patients this month. That is the headline at the top of my legal pad. Then, for the next hour, I make a list of all the things I can do this month / week / today to hit that target. If I am shy of fresh ideas, I hop on the PBC forum and read the ideas people are discussing. I look through the PBC membersite as well.”

“Simple as that?” I asked.

“Yeah. Simple as that.”

He continued:

“This daily habit has enabled me to construct a marketing pole program for my clinic. Many ideas don’t work. Some work. I keep the ones that work. This took me a few months but I have been able to double my clinic thanks to this daily habit.”

“That all?” I asked.

“Well this has had an interesting effect. By the time I show up to my practice that morning, my brain feels super charged. I just spent the past hour mentally absorbed thinking about stuff that will grow our practice. Since starting this habit, it’s like my brain is tuned to a different station now. I am thinking about marketing opportunities constantly now, and I am seeing things with fresh eyes.”

“What was it like before you began this habit?” I asked.

“I always knew marketing was important, because you have always said so. But guess what? It was never getting done. Even though I knew better. I think the reason is because I would try to work on the marketing while at my practice. Well guess what? I never got around to the marketing because there is always something more “urgent” that arises.”

“I am going to tell people about you on ChiroBullets(TM). What advise would you give them?” I asked.

Dan Kennedy says you need to get out of the Aligator Pit to think clearly about your business. It has hard to think about marketing while little Alligators are biting at your ankles throughout the workday. I find it impossible to think clearly about my clinic while I’m at the practice, knee deep in problems and being distracted at our practice. I finally listened to you Ben. I got myself out of the Aligator Pit now four mornings per week. My practice Doubled.”

(I am obviously paraphrasing from memory, but this is pretty damn close to our exact conversation.)

Do You Want to Double?

Well, then you know what to do.

No more excuses.

Can you get yourself to wake up one hour earlier each morning?

Most people will read this and frankly not do a damn thing. They are not disciplined, plain and simple.

Keep in mind, you need only do this four days per week – or any days you are open. It’s not like I’m asking you to run the Boston Marathon. Take the weekends off. Is it worth doubling your practice to do this?

When Are You Starting this Habit?

Anyone can do what he did.

Got an alarm clock?

Then you too can double your practice.

However, I will sound a little negative here. Because literally, no matter how motivated some people say they are, it is stunning to me how few doctors can get themselves to wake up an extra hour and do something like this.

Prove me wrong! Follow through and try this!

I’d like to end by posing a question to you:

How badly do you want success in practice?

Well, then you know what to do my friend. Set that alarm clock…

Tonight! Now go out there and make something great happen.


6 Responses to For Chiropractors Only – Daily habit that doubled practice

  1. Carrie Burnett-Strong, DC March 26, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    I’ve been reading your chiro bullets for a couple of months now. I really appreciate a lot of your suggestions, but this is the best thus far, I think. Will I get up an hour earlier? Concentrate on my practice’s marketing? Sure…..the question then arises….will I implement what I come up with? Truthfully, I’d have to say my chances are realistically about 10%….but hey, who knows….10% is better than 0% any day. And if I can get to 10%, perhaps when that works I’ll make it to 20%…positive reinforcement, you know. Thank you for your emails……they matter, YOU matter to the chiropractic profession.

    • Ben Cummings March 27, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

      Thanks VERY much for your post. You made my day. Yes I agree, even with an implementation rate of “only” 10%, you are still doing 10% MORE than 99% of your peers/people out there.


  2. Jeff Roistacher May 28, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    I love it! It’s so simple but vital to success. I also like the idea of doing something marketing related before we start our office hours. Wake up one hour early, spend dedicated time thinking/focusing on marketing, and then perform a task such as meeting a new business owner or setting up a new event.

    • Ben Cummings May 29, 2012 at 7:28 am #

      Thanks Jeff – this really is a great discipline and starts off the day with a “win.”


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