How to Use Hootsuite to Build a List of Patients

Want to build a large list of potential patients? Then watch my video tutorial below. This blog post explains how a chiropractor can use Hootsuite. It is a tool that will build you lists of potential patients. Let’s dig in… you will like this.

What Exactly is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite let’s you preload a week or months worth of Facebook or Twitter messages and schedule them to go out at predetermined times.

Hootsuite has a free basic version that will work for 80% of you. They have a paid version which let’s an employee handle the scheduling and posts. This sets you back $6/month. Definitely start with the free version as that is all most of you will ever need.

Video Tutorial: How to Use Hootsuite

Hootsuite Quick Start PDF – Click Here

How to Use Hootsuite For List Building

At we have a saying…

“He who controls the list, controls everything.”

Let me share a hypothetical story…

Give me two doctors in the same city.

    • One doctor see’s patients and gets them feeling great – but has ignored list building.
    • Another doctor also gets patients feeling great BUT he has been aggressively building his list. He has about a thousand prospective patients and existing clients on his lists.

Fast forward a week. Both doctors arrive to the practice Monday morning. They see their appointment book looking a little “light” for the week. Uh oh. What to do?

Doctor #1 can only scratch his head and “hope & pray” things correct themselves. He has no power to proactively change his economic condition and now relies on luck. Yikes.

Doctor #2 because he has built a list, can fire up his Macbook Air, log into Aweber, Facebook and Twitter — and in 5 minutes he has sent a message to his Big Three Lists announcing an Office Visit Special valid this week only.

Within 30 minutes of hitting the send button, his phone starts to ring. He has proactively taken control because…

He has a list.

Such is the awesome power of List Building.

Why You Should Focus on the Big Three Platforms

In my article on Obama List Building technique here, we learned that President Obama takes list building very seriously. Heck, he even has turned the White House homepage into a freakin’ squeeze page!!

President Obama builds lists aggressively on the Big Three list building platforms:

    • His email list
    • A list of people on Twitter, called “followers” on that platform.
    • And a third list of people on Facebook, called “Fans” on that platform.

3 lists = 3x’s more reach than his rivals.

The cost to blast out a multi-pronged message on Monday morning for Mr Obama? Zero dollars. he just clicks a submit button and can immediately influence millions of actions on his lists.

List Building x 3

There are exactly three list building platforms that a chiropractor needs to focus on. They are:

    • His email list
    • His Twitter list
    • His Facebook List.

Why three lists? Why not just one?

Forget the internet for a moment.

When doing an offline reactivation campaign, most doctors mail one postcard. And that’s it.

Would you like to know how to get 3x’s the response rate from the same campaign?

Send a postcard + send out a reinforcing email + send a voice broadcast.

Three soft touches using different media.

Why does this work well?

Because some folks are “email people.” While the wife might be a “mail person.” Etc.

That’s why you want to hit up three modalities.

Now back to the internet. It is a similar situation that has occurred:

    • Some people are just “email people”, but NOT Facebook people!
    • Some people only use Twitter!
    • And some are Facebook addicts.

So, hit them on all three platforms.

I guarantee that you will get a magnified response.

Two Secrets to using Facebook & Twitter

Want to build large local lists on Facebook & Twitter? There are exactly two factors that are vital.

    • Provide immensely valuable health tips and advice in short “sound bites” – while weaving in the occasional “pitch for becoming my patient.”
    • Consistency!

#1 is obvious. Let’s look at #2 — the Consistency Factor.

Consistency is a “must do” on Twitter & Facebook if you want to grow your list on these platforms.

No Consistency = No List

Think about your favorite news program.

It is on every night, rain or shine.

Same time, same station.


Robert Cialdini talks about Familiarity in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. The more familiar and comfortable we get with someone/something, the more we like it and the more we naturally gravitate towards it.

TV “episodes” are based on this consistency and familiarity principle.

Applying this to chiropractic list building

What if you tuned in to the evening news but there was nothing on tonight but a blank screen?

Or tomorrow night, another blank screen?

Same thing the night after that?

They would lose you as a viewer.

The same thing applies to Facebook & Twitter.

If you are not consistent on those platforms, you have aborted the benefits of Consistency & Familiarity – and – when your occasional message finally does show up, they probably don’t remember who the h*ll you are and click:


This is just how it works on these platforms.

If you want to build an incredibly valuable list, you must be very constant and appear to be “stable.”

A doctor who never posts, or does so helter-skelter, appears inconsistent, disorganized, and is not to be trusted. This all happens subtly on the unconscious level.

Some have called consistency the “Orchestration of Trust.” I agree with this definition!

Consistency with Hootsuite

Before you could understand the benefits of Hootsuite, we had to cover the Big Three Platforms and the best practices to using them to build a large local chiropractic following.

Now you’re ready to learn about Hootsuite.

Problem: Do you find yourself forgetting to post stuff on Facebook & Twitter? Despite your good intentions?

Solution: Hootsuite.

Hootsuite let’s you schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for the whole week or even monthly.

Ideally you shouldn’t do monthly as you want to post fresh information. But I would say one week in advance is OK of you know you won’t do it daily with consistency.

Recommended Hootsuite Schedule

Let’s start with Facebook.

If you’re using Hootsuite then I would schedule…

  • 1 to 2 Facebook posts daily.
  • Then three times a week, I would schedule quotes and words of wisdom. These inspirational quotes tend to go viral quickly on Facebook.

Now let’s talk Twitter.

Twitter is a bit different than Facebook. Twitter is a “conversation stream” and once that message has swam past then your followers may not even see it. For this reason ideally you want to schedule 3 tweets daily.

  • 1x tweet with links to interesting health article(s)
  • 1x tweet to provide an inspirational quote of the day
  • 1x tweet on something “personal” about you.

If you don’t wish to handle this, get the premium account for Hootsuite to enable an employee access and let him/her do it for you daily. Problem solved.

It costs only $6/month. I personally have the premium account and grant Admin privileges to an employee to help with tasks.

If you can follow this posting schedule that I just shared, over time you will be building a huge local list of potential patients which you will forever be able to profit from.

Don’t Know What to Post About?

This one is easy. I already covered this in my article here:

How To Create A Daily Online Newsletter For Patients – Access Here

Each morning, simply post about an article on your daily newsletter and share the link to your site.

I like to keep things simple.

You can easily train a staff person to do this first thing each morning, and then blast out the message with Hootsuite.

Sorry – now you have no excuse.

Go start building those lists.

Oh and over at PBC we have come up with the absolute best way to rapidly build a large list of Facebook fans using our Facebook Frosted Glass strategy. PBC members can access this training here:

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  1. Jared Hymas February 1, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    Great training Ben! I especially love the explicit strategy for how to best use twitter and facebook.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Matthew February 1, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    This is a great tool for those of us who are challenged by being consistent with all the posting and tweeting we are supposed to be doing!

    • Ben Cummings February 3, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

      I have been loving hootsuite. It also is a productivity tool because it allows me to access all my social media accounts under one roof. I don’t use Linkedin but those of you who do can add linkedin to your hootsuite account as well.


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