Takeaway Selling Case Study – Pinterest.com

In this blog post, I am going to share an interesting case study that demonstrates the power of Takeaway Selling. This case study involves the internet phenom called: Pinterest.com

What is Takeaway Selling?

Takeaway Selling is an approach that is the opposite of traditional selling. In traditional selling, the doctor is made to “sell” the patient on a case recommendation. But with the Takeaway Selling Approach, the patient/prospect is made to jump through hoops to become “accepted” into case by the doctor.

Takeaway Selling is the most powerful way to approach new patients and can result in near 100% case acceptance at higher fees when done properly. I detailed a comprehensive Takeaway Selling Method and Approach in a PDF that I recently wrote for my PracticeBuildingCenter.com membersite.

Takeaway Selling Case Study: Pinterest.com

My wife started talking about this website called Pinterest.com after seeing numerous people mentioning it on the social media uber-platform, Facebook.com.

What is Pinterest? It’s the hottest new social media site where people organize and share photo’s on a virtual “pinboard.” Pinterest is becoming a social network site for sharing interesting images you find online. And it is taking off big-time!

In the last six months, their growth has absolutely exploded. They are getting 40x’s more visitors TODAY than only 180 days ago. In fact, Time magazine called Pinterest one of the top five social networking sites.

What is their secret?

One of their secrets is they are using a “by invitation only” angle. Nice. This is variation of the By Referral Only takeaway frame we discussed in the Takeaway Selling For DC’s report, and we know just how powerfully it works.

To be able to participate in Pinterest with your friends, you must first be “accepted” after joining a waiting list. Since people want what they CANNOT have — scarcity and competition dramatically heightens buying interest — she of course just had to try to get invited onto Pinterest. Let me tell you what happened…

Step 1. Establishing the Takeaway Frame

Pinterest.com does this in a smart way. Rather than trying to sell you on their services straight away, instead they take it away! The first thing you see on their site is a message saying: Request an Invite.

chiropractic marketing pinterest

Pinterest.com - Establishes the Takeaway Frame

This suddenly shifts the pressure off the company to “sell”, and onto the customer to suddenly hope they are “accepted as a clint.”

Step 2. The Hoops

Here is the very first email that Emily gets from Pinterest about “getting in”:

Takeaway Hoops Process - Short, Simple Takeaway in the Email

About a week later, they finally release the “invite” to join Pinterest. Take a look at how excited they make Emily feel to be “accepted” to use their service!

How Can Chiropractors Apply This?

Chiropractors take on the role of “cheesy salesperson” far too often when delivering their case presentation. It is as if they have been taught to justify, over-educate, over-talk, and stretch out the case presentation over multiple visits. All that this accomplishes, is to make the patient feel think: “WHY IS HE SELLING SO HARD? SOMETHING MST BE WRONG.”

Instead, take a page from Pinterest (and other excellent Takeaway Selling masters) and make the patient fell “lucky” to have gotten in to see you, and then further feel relived to been accepted as a patient. This will transform your Core Business Strategy and will actually encourage deeper loyalty and a feeling of being an “insider” amongst the accepted patients.


There is an art & science to pulling this off effectively. I have detailed my successful approach for applying Takeaway Selling inside a chiropractic office in our members-only Special Report which you can access here.

Here are some sample Pinterest sites to check out:

Travel Channel — Promoting Their Channel/Shows Here:
Access Travel Channel Here

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art –- SFMOMA:
Access SFMOMA Here

Ivory Homes — Utah’s Largest Home Builder:
Access Ivory Homes Here

Martha Stewart — She’s Using Pinterest for Business Building Here:
Access Martha Stewart Here

Bergdorf Goodman — They Are Using Pinterest to Stimulate Buying Desire:
Access Martha Stewart Here

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4 Responses to Takeaway Selling Case Study – Pinterest.com

  1. Dori Henderson March 21, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    Ben, how does this idea integrate with the “ugly” ads you recommended? You were saying to write one in pencil, and you gave an example that offered a free visit or a coupon. Doesn’t that scream “SALES”?

    • Ben Cummings March 22, 2012 at 9:48 am #

      I encourage you to re-read the “Takeaway Selling for DC’s” PDF that I wrote here:

      I provided many examples where on the one hand the business is advertising aggressively YET they are successfully balancing takeaway selling. My favorite example if the $10,000 Hermes Birkin bag!


  2. Russell Berg June 25, 2012 at 11:56 pm #

    Pinterest has been one of the greatest sites for my website and I think it could be bigger than facebook. Are there any other sites similar to PInterest?

  3. Chip B. January 31, 2013 at 6:35 pm #

    Great post. I am proof this method works. We used it at this highly overpriced $50,000 online college I was selling ‘over the phone only’ at. We were crushing it with this. We made people feel like nobody is good enough to get in and we were gonna do everything to try to help. (Like I was on their side against the big bad college) I was selling over a half a million+ in enrollments like hot cakes every month! People literally begged me for something they can get at the community college for $15,000!!

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